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Thanks you for your interest in the WhiteRoads EU Project.

Road safety is part of our lives. As main stakeholders in road infrastructure, the European Union Road Federation and Spanish Road Association, are committed to reduce fatalities in our roads improving and adapting infrastructure to current needs.

Traditionally, the improvement of road safety is developed from a negative perspective after analysis of the infrastructure, user and vehicle conditions in the accident.

On the contrary, the WhiteRoads EU Project will create for the first time a positive approach to road safety. The Project will locate those road sections of the TEN-T that despite the same density of traffic flow and similar road infrastructure register fewer accidents. Those road sections are called “white spots” in clear opposition to the so-called “black-spot”.

The comparative analysis of the WhiteRoads will result in the launching of a new and updated checklist for road infrastructure to complement existing guidelines in road safety.

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